Have you experienced your good relationship with your children and co-parent torn apart by divorce?

Do you understand me if I say twisters use normal range parenting issues to cause unnecessary storms for divorced or lone parents? Do you know who or what those twisters are in your life?

When parental alienation is facilitated by external parties in particular, it condemns innocent children to be lost under the guise of the law or by coercion. The children are denied the basic love and attention from healthy birth parents they knew and loved and have rights too. With my divorce mentoring, you can limit the damage and be self-aware of red flags ahead of disasters.

 A child who experiences the sudden or cumulative disruption of a previously strong attachment with a parent and wider family suffers grievously
(source: The UK Parental Alienation Study)

And on the extreme level

 According to Dr Craig Childress (leading expert globally based in the USA), there is no worse pathology in the attachment system than the complete severance of a parent-child bond.
(Source: The UK Parental Alienation Study)

‘A child’s greatest fear is abandonment and loss of attachment. Any attempt to distort or destroy it, is psychologically abusive.’ (Source: The UK Parental Alienation Study)

Yet Bhavna, like many parents, has seen the most affluent and influential people game the system and wreck families (and a child’s future), by changing the landscape after years of stability post-divorce.

We support and empathise without judgment on your status or situation. Promoting relationships between parents is a priority at Verity.

Verity Mentoring and Coaching helps mothers and fathers to be prepared and find purpose through the pain.

There is a lot that can be done by cooperative co-parenting and by early intervention when you see your signs and don’t allow your self-doubt to keep you stuck.

Choose Verity coaching when people tell you ‘it's nothing’, ‘they’ll come round eventually’, ‘it’s in the child’s best interest’, ‘it’s what the child wants’, or ‘it’s normal in divorce or this age’.

As soon as you separate or divorce, your new status as co-parents brings new responsibilities, whether you have cooperation or conflict in your relationship.


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