Are you worried about the impact a divorce will have on your life, your career, or your children? 


Verity Mentoring and Coaching are here to help.

We provide real time, real life divorce management coaching for professional parents, for the times in your life when disruptors in your personal and business relationships either make or break you.

We help parents currently going through a divorce, overcome the pain, guilt and anger, so they can effectively co-parent, build an even stronger bond with their kids, and get emotionally ready for the next stage of their life.

At VerityMC, we can help you by using the power of shifting your mindset in highly stressful and highly emotional states for significantly better outcomes. We help you avoid the pitfalls we know from hindsight that could lead to dire consequences for you, your family and income, unimaginable at the onset of divorce.


Divorce Management for an amicable professional couple.

Do you relate to any of these?

  • Are you going through a major life event around marriage, separation and divorce?
  • Are you worried about the impact on your children?
  • Are you lying awake at night wondering how much time, energy and money this will cost you?
  • Are you successful in your own right and current role and don’t like the thought of that changing?
  • Would you like to save 1000s and 100s of thousands in your divorce costs?
  • What would harmony look like post-divorce for you and your family?
  • Are you aware shifts in your limiting beliefs right at the time of high emotions is fundamental for success and harmony in changing circumstances?
  • Would you like to be empowered by VerityMC Mind Shifts that work in real time?
  • Would you like help in developing the emotional muscle in changing circumstances?


Professional woman calling her divorce coach


Divorce Coaching

Our divorce coaching is an eight-step plan, designed to help you overcome all the potential obstacles in a divorce, and help you apply your skills in the workplace to a difficult personal change. Achieving a favourable outcome in a divorce, where you are happy and in a good place emotionally is something that requires work, planning and foresight, and our divorce management coaching is here to help you with heat.

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Father and Child playing in the park after amicable Divorce Management

Look To The Future With

Co-Parenting Coaching

There are three different situations in co-parenting: an amicable situation, a disputed situation, and an adverse situation. Each situation should be managed and coached differently, to create the best possible outcome for you and your children. At VerityMC we have plans in place for when a divorce with children stops being amicable, encounters a dispute, or results in parental alienation.

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VerityMC Mind Shifts

Perhaps the last thing you will be thinking of is any form of divorce management coaching for yourself, yet it is the one area you should be investing in, whatever it is, at this pivotal time in your life. In just one session we often see one shift will result in promising outcomes in a matter of weeks that you didn’t think possible, especially when you are stuck or overwhelmed with what’s on your plate.

Whether you are a newly single parent or one who is ostracised for making choices for personal reasons, mindset shifts can alter the balance for excellent co-parenting and providing stability for your children given the disruption.

Navigating these changes, without experienced coaches who have trekked the path, is like climbing Mount Everest alone and hoping it will all work in the end. It's a highly risky strategy. Without coaching and reframing for harsher climates in life your chances of successful divorce management lessen.




Why Divorce Management?

Whether you choose to spend a fortune on lawyers/litigation and counselling/therapy is not up for debate with coaching. It is about ensuring your own ability and becoming an entrepreneur of your personal life to create a better outcome and foundation with yourself so you can be present for your children, relationships and business at a fraction of the time and money spent on conventional routes alone.

Do nothing in terms of coaching, and the highest risk is parental alienation, which affects millions of divorced parents in the UK and USA and Australia in plain sight in our society often due to the limitations of litigation in real-time, real-life day to day parenting. The consequences for children and parents are devastating for those who actually live it daily. This crisis is not going to be solved overnight with archaic systems; however there are alternatives enjoyed by successful co-parents. Children that flourish with their education and relationships for a bright future not limited by divorce. Parents who put the work in necessary for cooperative co-parenting, taking on coaching to navigate through good and challenging times.




Couple in a Divorce Management Session


If you could:

  • Reframe your relationships with amazing outcomes instead of devastation
  • Protect your children with absolute clarity when obstacles arise
  • Deal with your limiting beliefs well in advance



How much are you willing to invest in coaching with your time and money to achieve this? Isn’t that worth finding out more about with just 45minutes of your time invested in talking to us initially?

The results of VerityMC Mind Shift coaching taps into the resources within your core self and your new self. It changes your perspective building a new foundation with incredible results for healthy co-parenting and agility to protect and grow your income. It’s designed specifically to work in the nuances of divorce emotions and high stress adapted from leading edge coaching techniques proven to be successful in relationships and business. These more than sustain you while challenges come your way daily, weekly or in years.

Our absolute aim is to give you the foundation to help yourself with innovative solutions specific to yourself, sparing you emotional pain.







Our Aim

We want to see every divorced family or those contemplating divorce, to live and thrive with an equal chance of overcoming natural obstacles in life and for the children of divorce never to experience adverse parental alienation.

The biggest danger to divorced families is when parental alienation occurs without awareness of its manifestation. When it takes over, the time, money and emotional toll it takes to recover is equally as high as the divorce itself. 

The one thing no amount of money can reverse is the sheer onslaught on your emotions and your children’s emotions. Our divorce management coaches are passionate about avoiding pitfalls, and we bring our hindsight to help other professional parents help themselves. Some of the strategies you will be familiar with as it's not rocket science.

What VerityMC does is to stay with you to develop your emotional muscle, like a personal fitness coach. In this case building your emotional muscle with a level of stealth only recognisable when obstacles rise up.

We make massive differences in successful co-parenting and help you create a bright future leaving you with opportunities for yourself and your children.

We move you from survive to thrive each week doubling the abundance of emotional and financial wealth in adverse conditions with weekly practices that work for you.





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