VERITYMC Divorce Mentoring

About the Founder


Bhavna Hardiman, Divorce Coach


VerityMC Mentoring and Coaching was founded by Bhavna Hardiman.

Bhavna Hardiman has over 25 years’ experience working in corporate companies and with mentoring and coaching people individually and as a team. Subsequently Bhavna stepped away from corporate life when she was blessed to have two wonderful daughters after the age of 40, and to support a new business simultaneously.

Bhavna found she managed to get through some ‘Mount Everest times’ emotionally through her applying coaching and mentoring skills, also navigating her children through massive changes, while ensuring her daughters retained healthy bonds with each parent in adverse situations. 

Recently she has developed insights into the arena of parental alienation and is inspired to help individuals manage a smoother divorce and where possible work towards cooperative co-parenting.  Children naturally love both their parents and get caught up in insidious situations unnecessarily.  She is also an advocate of shared parenting for good enough parents and family court reform.  


Helping you overcome the challenges of divorce

Success of busy lives often masks co-parenting issues. She knows parents are often gripped and overwhelmed by advice and expectations from well-meaning experts, friends and family.

Remembering you are the experts for your children and that divorce does not need to erode this is challenging when change is inevitable for you and your children.

Facing judgment and critics is natural in divorce, often from yourself.  Having been on both sides of divorce and across cultures with surprising outcomes everything is possible - good and bad.  

Seeing children flourish and build relationships with both parents in happier environments are absolute possibilities. Not without it's challenges naturally so guidance and navigation to avoid common pitfalls with VerityMC is for those that choose to rise above it.  

Coaching helps you to pause, shift mindsets and make decisions that are yours with input you decide to take or not. Not every outcome will be successful, only this time you will handle the challenge with the resources within yourself in a formidable and graceful way.


A divorce mentoring coach like no other

Bhavna’s background and qualifications are unlike any other divorce mentoring provider, and they build on her experience and evolving roles in business and motherhood. She has trained with one of the world's leading life and business strategist and gained the Anthony Robbins Mastery University Certificate and is an Inner Circle member.  She also has a formal Life Coaching Certificate as well as a variety of business leadership and commercial training.

This gives her a formidable edge with a level of empathy only real time, real life experience enhances instead of theories so many individuals misplace for divorced families and their children.

She has developed an effective divorce mentoring approach that works with busy parents facing divorce to make an absolute difference in their divorced lives. VerityMC Mind Shifts is simple yet effective. VerityMC coaches value real time and real life experience with empathy.





Applying analytical skills to difficult times

Bhavna’s unique set of analytical skills looks beyond the surface, and she strives to gain a profound yet immediate understanding of the emotional limitations of the challenges professional parents, single mothers and single fathers face when they fall into the arena of divorce. The results are life-changing, with the simplest of mindset shifts saving you time, money and relationships.





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