Divorce Coaching

VerityMC Mind Shifts

This is your opportunity to be free to be yourself.

With the help of our divorce coaching, we will help you find your new purpose as an individual and a parent that you may have lost in your journey with divorce related issues.

What remains is your own ability to succeed as an individual, as a co-parent and in your professional roles when your foundation built in marriage changes dramatically.

Our 6-week program is centred on a structure of coaching that has all the flexibility of tailoring it to your specific important needs and goals.





Divorce Management workshop


How we will work together

  • Zoom calls: This enables us to work together wherever you are based, and works well with our coaching programme.
  • The VerityMC 6-week programme: A highly effective and personalised virtual programme, which builds a mindset foundation moving you from surviving to thriving.
  • Group coaching via Zoom: We offer co-parenting workshops, which is ideal for sharing general red flags and solutions
  • 1-2-1 Whistlestop coaching: We offer customised divorce coaching sessions for ad-hoc or one-off needs.
  • Face to face sessions: These are an optional add-on for those who have signed up to the 6-week VerityMC coaching programme - where possible it can take place at your office or close to your location.


Outline of our divorce coaching program



Identify where you are at and what is critical or important for you right now. Where are your core centres of importance specific to you? We work with you to get clarity in often overwhelming demands on yourself. We are able to organise sessions outside the normal 9-5 working hours as we truly understand making time at this juncture with demands on your time and energy whether it is at home, for school runs or at work.


We help you identify your emotions in simple terms for your core centres. We use techniques to help you brainstorm/emotional-storm and then work on getting your perspective to use elements that will give you purpose in your new status, and delete the emotions that limit you. Depending on the core centre we are working on these can be different for each.

Manageable Focus

Here we work on reviewing the two most important core centres in your specific given situation in real time, real life matters. This review is not idle chit chat or wishful thinking. This is where we identify 3 goals in each core using relevant time lines. If you choose to do nothing what will the outcome be and how will that effect you. This divorce coaching stage is pivotal in finding your motivation and strength when you are exhausted or feeling defeated or out of your depth.

 Deep Dive

This is where we identify emotional and practical barriers, essentially your limiting beliefs within the core centres. This takes it one step further than the broad limiting beliefs that can be dealt with a broad mindset shift. With the combination of your goals and identifying the most detrimental factors we move to Verity Mind Shifts for specific dimensions and goals.

Verity Mind Shifts

This aspect of divorce coaching is a step by step, daily practice to implement necessary mindset shifts to counteract the limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your specific goals and limiting your own success. Our focus is often on your views on divorce that are self-limiting. These steps will be in real time, real life to give you the best possible chance of success when you work at it and take responsibility in making the changes.


Establish up to 5 actions associated with the goals identified for real time, real life transition with a recommended accountability system. Repetition is the only way to build lasting emotional muscle for empowering beliefs which lead to success. This prepares you when there are inevitable storms and negative patterns in your relationship, career, and co-parenting failures and self-doubt raises its head.


We review, assess and adapt at any given time as issues evolve in your divorce process whether it's around litigation, co-parenting, business/professional life or third party influences. With your new foundation and beliefs from the mindset shifts, they can come to the forefront equipping you to be resourceful.

When there is still a need our Whistle-stop divorce coaching can be used for ad-hoc coaching needs.


We mark every milestone of progress whether it’s a small or major shift. Positive changes and remembering builds your emotional muscle and helps motivation for future goals and challenges.