Co-Parenting Coaching

This is part of our Whistle-stop coaching, where you can step in and book a consultation for this specific issue, which is important to deal with in real time, with real life co-parenting situations.






We have three levels of coaching for co-parenting:

Icon representing amicable Co-parenting coaching


Shared parenting and schedules agreed without hesitation often mirroring what the marital schedules were. We strongly recommend co-parenting coaching here to ensure you have the best practices and are able to be completely present for your children as too often the amicable stage can put you in a false sense of security leading to issues further down the line. The coaching we provide is either in the form of individual or group coaching.



 Icon representing disputed Co-parenting coaching

Undecided or Disputed

Are you in a cycle of constant changes and work schedules causing more changes than expected in the children’s schedules? Is this starting to cause issues in your co-parenting relationship and impacting the children? The co-parenting coaching we provide here is either in the form of individual, workshop or group coaching to give you the skills and resources to resolve yourself. The coaching we provide is either in the form of individual or group coaching.




 Icon representing adverse divorce Co-parenting coaching


This is where you are facing moderate to severe parental alienation symptoms driven by the other co-parent impacting the relationship dramatically with your children when once there were close bonds. The co-parenting coaching we provide here to professional parents is one that is more of awareness, action planning and rising above limiting beliefs given to you by either conventional thinking or archaic recommendations. These often enmesh in your persona and often out of character traits affecting all your relationships, which were once healthy and stable. 





Divorce With Young Ones In Mind

To favour one parent over another for children is not an option for our coaches yet one of the most widely common practices used in litigation, often naively.

Healthy relationships with both parents is in the best interest of the child.

Coaching helps you define clarity for your children, at any age, and just as important for teenagers/young adults.  Children who do caught in the middle at any stage of the divorce are burdened to make choices when clarity by parents is not offered.

Divorce tends to attract scrutiny and a style of lobbying when inherent parental confidence is ruptured.  Being physically and emotionally present for your young ones makes the world of difference yet one of the most difficult things to achieve.

Normal range parenting is absolutely valid in divorce and when it's used as an excuse to tear families apart in litigation, the so called child's best interest becomes one of the worst oxymorons we see in divorced parenting.  We want to ensure you and your children avoid this pain.

It really doesn't matter what or who screwed up, what matters is your choice to thrive from your struggles and grow as exceptional co-parents. 

Your natural opinions of each other have to be managed so they do not echo into the children’s relationship and limit the possibility of two healthy family environments going from marriage to divorce.

Successful transition is possible once you adapt your mindset and marital references for new possibilities. It’s not easy hence the need for divorce coaching.






Recent research has shown parental alienation has become a way of life just accepted in society and often left unchecked with some of the cruellest and harshest emotions you will experience in divorce. Co-parenting coaching is designed to limit these issues with awareness itself.


  A child who experiences the sudden or cumulative disruption of a previously strong attachment with a parent and wider family suffers grievously. (Source: The UK Parental Alienation Study)

And on the extreme level

  According to Dr Craig Childress (leading expert based in the USA), there is no worse pathology in the attachment system than the complete severance of a parent-child bond.” (Source: The UK Parental Alienation Study)



Divorce Management workshop in progress


The coaching style here is one of support and helping you to help yourself in adverse conditions.

We assess the current landscape and use Verity Mind Shifts to find your purpose with your experience and never lose sight that you are a co-parent while those unbreakable bonds lie dormant through no fault of the children at all and to keep sight of the adversaries.

The past is not what we unpick as you cannot change it and our co-parenting coaching focuses on the current landscape. Our aim is to find your goals and path of resolution.

No judgment from our coaches as we recognise real time, real life co-parents make regrettable mistakes in their journey and the outcome varies for each.

The coaching we provide here is either in the form of individual or group coaching. In this arena group coaching often involves other handpicked experts in the field for solution driven action planning.



How your
co-parenting coaching will take place


  • Zoom calls: These let us work together wherever you are based, and works well with our coaching programme.
  • The VerityMC 8-week programme: This is a highly effective and personalised virtual programme, which helps you to build a mindset foundation: moving from surviving to thriving.
  • Group coaching via Zoom: We provide co-parenting workshops, which are ideal for sharing red flags and solutions.
  • 1-2-1 Whistlestop coaching: We offer customised coaching sessions tailored to you and events that may occur, for ad-hoc or one-off needs.
  • Face to face sessions: These are an optional add-on for clients who have signed up to the 8-week VerityMC coaching programme - ideally it can take place at your office or close to your location.